CATSearch (Researcher Profiles)

Project File (user interface wireframes):  CATSearch Project

This was a project with the Center for Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Vermont.  This project involved finding optimized queries for Medline that provided the best recall and precision.  I also provided user interface recommendations and created a information uses/search for faculty.

Health Forecasting (UCLA School of Public Health)

Project File:  HealthForecasting
Website URL:

This was a class group project for UCLA School of Public Health.  This grant-funded research project at the college collected health outcomes in southern California. They have a form for uploading datasets as well as a form to get data sets. They also publish reports that are available for users to download. My responsibility was to design the querying tool/report generator and the information architecture for their website.

Latino Arts Survey

Project File:  LAS Project

This was a short project with UCLA’s Chicano Resource Center.  I made some information architecture recommendations for their website including content and user interface design.

Activities:  stakeholder interview, content analysis, user interface design

Menus in Minutes

Project File:

This was a class group project in which we had to conceptualize and outline an idea for an information system.  Our group chose a recipe information system.  My responsibilities included concept ideation and creating the process flow diagram, entity-relationship model, and entity attributes (what the tables/properties would be in the database).

Personal Information Management

Project File:  PIM Project File

This was a group project I completed while in my MLIS program for a course, “Management of Digital Records.”  The project was for a freelance green building architect who was brought on as a consultant so that homes could obtain one of the LEED certifications.

We examined all his records, documents, and workflows.  Our goal was to come up with recommendations to improve the information management of his business.  We provided recommendations, software requirements, and outlines of what he needed to do to improve search, develop a disaster recovery plan, create a records retention schedule, etc.

My main responsibilities included identifying and conceptualizing the information management problem and researching the various software applications that could be used for document management, email consolidation, scanning, and optical character recognition.

Statistics of Public Service Activities for Librarians

Project File:  Statistics for Dana Librarians File
Application Files (executable program, .exe):  Zip File_Microsoft Only
MS Access Database:  MS Access File (.mdb)
Types of Queries:  Queries (.docx)

This was a project for the University of Vermont’s medical library.  I developed a Windows application using VisualBasic.NET programming language that was the form for librarians to record statistics for reference, in-depth literature searching, teaching, and liaison activities.  I created a database in MS Access to store the data.

Activities:  requirements gathering, usability testing of prototypes, programming/development, database design & development

Virtual Microscope

Project File:  VM Project
Metadata Workflow:  Metadata (.docx)
Usability Test Script:  Test Script (.doc)

A project for the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont.  In collaboration with the College of Medicine Educational Technology (COMET) department, I created a metadata schema for the collection of 950 digital histology slides.  The metadata schema (application profile) was a synthesis of essential descriptive, rights, and preservation metadata elements from various metadata standards.  I used the input gained from my user interviews and usability studies with medical students to create the metadata schema (application profile).  I indexed the slides with Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and had a clinical pathologist supply metadata values for the slides that belonged to her.

The project file was what was delivered to the Medical Education Committee at the University of Vermont.

Activities:  user interviews, usability testing. comparative research, metadata application profile


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